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Spaces for the Community

The amphitheatre at Good Earth Malhar


Located on one of the steepest gradients of the site, the amphitheatre is also where the seasonal stream begins. Most of the storm water from the site has been directed here, and is retained through a recharge well and a check dam. The amphitheatre follows the natural slope of the land. A pavilion at the top is a space for gathering – and a shelter from the rain. A walkway around the amphitheatre goes along the stream and basketball court.

Amphitheater plan
Amphitheatre section


Confluence sports club at Good Earth Malhar

The Confluence Club has been designed with the best sporting facilities, emphasising the importance of sport as another community building activity. An indoor badminton arena  is the highlight of the club. A portal frame finished with a plywood ceiling, it accommodates four badminton courts. A swimming pool, gymnasium, spa and cafe complete the space. It has been designed to be accessible with lift, ramps and suitable toilets. The club negotiates the level difference between the road and the football ground through a series of courtyards and staircases, the scale and proportion intimate at each level. Finished in vibrant yet soothing colours and textures, the club stands out as a lively community space.

club plan
Verandah at Confluences sports club
Badminton Courts at Confluence Club


Good Earth Tarana - the workspace at Malhar

Tarana is the office structure at Malhar. It boasts large spaces lit and ventilated naturally by the judicious placement of courtyards and skylights. The terrace has a roof garden which insulates the top floor and is used for dining and gathering. Individual offices have spillover spaces in the form of balconies or courtyards. 

office plan
office section
Dining space at Good Earth Tarana
Courtyard at Good Earth Tarana



Planned as a daycare and playschool for the very young and as a facility for young working parents, the school is located along the main spine road of Malhar. With four broad areas spread over two floors, it is a flexible space which can be altered with furniture and partitions. The details respond to the children’s scale and a variety of colours and textures has been explored. Interesting details including wooden abacus grills, a dramatic skylight and low sills and cosy nooks enrich its character. 

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