Energy Conservation



  • Climatically, Bangalore lies in the temperate zone, and does not have extreme temperatures. The climate is comfortable, although the growth of the city has increased the heat present in the city. 
  • The buildings have been designed for passive cooling. They do not require air conditioning as they are designed with adequate light and ventilation. The indoor air and light quality is sufficient and reduces the need for artificial light during the day, and the need for artificial ventilation (fans) for most part of the year.
  • Provision of a double roof (a sheet over the reinforced concrete roof) reduces heat gain, and the temperature within the home is approximately 6-7 degrees cooler than that outside.
  • Skylights in the home, which are double glazed, reduce the heat entering into the home through the skylight, and air vents at the higher end of the roof allow the hot air to escape.
  • Adequate tree cover around the buildings shades them and reduces the absorption of heat.
  • The basement roofs are planted parks, reducing the heat emitted from the concrete slab and lowering the ambient temperature.
  • Increasing the softscape and green cover to the maximum extent possible also creates a preferred microclimate
  • The scale of the cluster parks, and the proximity of the buildings to the planting and each other, creates shade on most of the walls, reducing the heat absorption by the walls.


  • Provisions are made in individual houses for converting to solar power as and when desired. The internal house wiring is linked to an inverter, which has a conduit laid to the roof. Solar panels can be installed on the roof and connected through this conduit.
  • Solar geysers are mandatory and are installed on individual roofs.


  • The fixtures used for outdoor lighting are designed for indirect lighting. The quality and quantity of lighting in common spaces at night is sensitive to the nocturnal natural life while being convenient for the residents.
Daylighting through the skylight

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