Bhutanese narratives of people and architecture, told from the perspective of a family in Bhutan. Looking at these stories through the lens of architecture and planning and exploring connections.

This is the story of Good Earth Malhar, a sustainable community of 500 homes in 50 acres of land, located in suburban Bangalore. A journey of 10 years – this blog is an attempt to share the learnings  and hope that they will be useful to those interested.

Stories of Everyday spaces and design processes. Observations and influences and the conviction that architecture influences our lives far more than most of us acknowledge, and that an awareness of it might initiate change, is the driving force of this blog.


Imagining Bahla

The Arabian peninsula has always fascinated me, knowing that early humans walked along its coast in the first human migration, out of Africa maybe 60000 years ago. This is from where early humans crossed over to central Asia and India. What must the landscape have been then? How did they live and form communities and then how did some move on?

Reflecting on homes past. A Part of this Article appeared in the Indian Express, 6th May 2018.

The stories of Jaunsari culture handed down from the time of the Pandavas and how symbols translate to their architecture. Wood,stone and slate combine to dot the Himalayan countryside - a world of its own...

Bangalore is a treasure trove of climbers, the sheer variety and profusion present in every home never ceases to amaze. From protecting a building from the western sun, to creating vertical expanses of green, climbers are an exciting tool in sustainable design.